Working with Camille was completely necessary for me as a business owner! She was my personal advocate, and really helped me evolve my thinking to be more intuitive and inspired in the things I should do. Every call brought me new insight and was a game changer for running and growing my business!

Shea Workman

founder - bright box

Camille helped me get exactly where I wanted to be and more. She knows how to amplify who I am in a way that helps me live into my own greatness. Then, as The Great Encourager, she taught me when to celebrate. Work with Camille. Your business and your life will burst with growth and purpose.

Kolette Hall

coach for ambitious women

Working with Camille has been a game-changer for my business. I have always dreamed big and knew I wanted to take my business to the next level, but Camille helped me actually make that a reality. I was able to set big goals, triple and quadruple my monthly income, and set goals for a 7-figure year. It was great to have someone hold me accountable, help me set goals and plan strategy. It is amazing to have someone on your team who believes in your business and purpose as much as you do.

Brittney Hanks

founder - home & kind

Camille is wise, intuitive, caring, and the perfect guide and companion through the depths and heights of my journey. She helped me allow true healing to take place so I could live as my best self. She motivated me, held me accountable, and gave me so many resources to accomplish everything I came to her wanting to do. I felt so alive, seen, and powerful every time I came away from a session with her. She makes magic happen and she helped ME make magic happen. Thank you Camille! You are the gift that every successful entrepreneur and business owner needs to feel aligned with their purpose while hitting their goals. Every single high earning and high performing woman needs you in their corner. 

Delight Moser

founder - high impact families

Working with Camille as my coach changed the whole way I see business and altered the way I embody being a female entrepreneur. I tripled my income in my time working with her, but I know that’s just the beginning. The trajectory of my business changed because of my work with Camille, what a gift!

Abby Green

crumbl franchise owner