the ideal intuitive coach for ambitious and entrepreneurial women

Camille assists clients in overcoming obstacles and finding deep satisfaction in their daily life. Being in the public eye stretches you in ways you wouldn't be stretched otherwise. Camille's intention is to support your mental and emotional health as you navigate your life's work.

You will master how to tap into your personal power, achieve your dreams and lead your community in a way only you know how. Camille offers valuable ways to increase resilience while avoiding burnout and overwhelm. 

If you are ready to change your momentum and learn how to embrace the different transitions of your life with grace, take a look at some ways to work with Camille.


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Clarity Call

1 hour
investment: $5555

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This one hour call is designed to deliver a clear 3 month forecast to help you focus on areas in your life that will create more holistic success with peace and confidence. We make sense of everything that is on your radar and then make a plan that aligns with your values and priorities. This experience is a powerful way to course correct and step into your power.

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Concierge Trusted Advisor

1 year
investment: $150,000

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Leading an ambitious life is a game of knowing where to prioritize your energy. I mentor my clients how to trust themselves and their intuition so that they are creating what they truly want. Each week they show up to our calls and I use what is happening currently to guide them back to alignment with themselves and their goals. We will transform your self concept that will allow space for beautiful evolution. This relationship fosters unprecedented growth in a way that aligns with the vision for life. 

 Space for new-long term clients is limited. If you are interested in working together, please apply below.